Markn is an ideas company! My ideas company!

All my life I have had ideas; how to make something, how to solve an issue or problem. How to make something that works that nobody has thought of yet or done yet.

I developed a trigger for my home made crossbow at the age of 8. I was involved in amateur theatre for 25 years. For this I designed set pieces that could do double and triple duty because of lack of set storage between scenes. This also allowed for faster and more entertaining set changes. I flew bats out over the audience, made a cat of nine tails to flog a person on stage with sound and no injury, I have blown up safes, fired crossbows, and shot figurines of a mantel all on stage. For a youth production the director  wanted rain and fog outside the French doors of his set and that’s what we gave him.

Whenever there seemed to be a question of how to do something different, invariably I heard someone say lets get Mark, Markn do it hence the name of the company.

Now before you think that I look at myself as the sharpest pencil in the pack, let me assure you I’m not.

I would have stayed working for another five years for the wonderful company I was with, but the best person in my life (my wife) said “I don’t want you lying on your deathbed saying I should have done this or developed that”, and she was correct. I have to take a chance on my own ideas.

I have a game in the works right now , I will keep you apprised of its progress. Need to secure the name and get some sponsors. I have to do some research on a hockey related product, I will need to talk to a hockey school and perhaps some Olympic players to run clinical trials. There is a medical device and a food industry related product and about  eight other ideas to do before I shuffle off this mortal soul.

I am not setting out to be a millionaire but if it happens I’m sure my wife, three daughters and two grandchildren won’t complain.

Check back to my website every once in a while to get news and updates.

Mark Patterson, the ideas guy